Mandalay was the last Royal Capital of Myanmar and the hub of Myanmar culture. It is located in the central dry zone of Myanmar. It features the tropical wet and dry climate. January is the coolest time in Mandalay with the temperature of 21 degree Celsius and the hottest time is in April and May with the temperature of over 35 degree Celsius.

The major tourist destination in Mandalay is the Mandalay Palace. You can see the wall and moat around Mandalay Palace which is located at the center of the city. It is the last royal palace of the last Myanmar Kingdom built between 1857 and 1859 by King Mindon. The compound was destroyed during World War II. The replica of the palace was reconstructed in 1990s.

Mandalay is one of the cities in Myanmar with many religious sites where you can witness the Myanmar traditions and cultures to your heart’s content. Mahamuni Pagoda is the most renowned Buddhist pilgrimage site. The pagoda was built during the Konbaung Dynasty. The Mahamuni Buddha image is worshiped in this pagoda.

Another famous place in Mandalay is the UBein Bridge. It was built with the unwanted teak wood from the dismantled palace at Amarapura. It is the longest teak wood bridge in Myanmar with 1.2km length. The bridge is known not only for its structure but also for the reflection of the community. The best time to visit the UBein Bridge is at sunset.

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