ADM Policy

MNA ADM Policy

Effective Date: 1 August 2015


In accordance with IATA Resolution 850m, Myanmar National Airlines (UB) seeks your support and cooperation to effectively implement our Agent Debit Memo (ADM) policy. The purpose of this document is to provide clarity to all agents for all circumstances under which ADMs will be raised.


Myanmar National Airlines will issue ADMs to collect amounts or make adjustments to agent transactions in respect of the issuance and use of travel documents by or at the request of the Agent.

Key Points

ADMs shall only be processed through the BSP if issued within nine months of the final travel date.

Myanmar National Airlines audits all ticketed and booking related transactions of any PNR that contains a UB segment.


Myanmar National Airlines will handle rejected or disputed ADMs in a timely matter in compliance with applicable IATA resolutions and regulations. Disputes must be submitted through BSP Link within 15 days after ADM issuance. Valid and clear justification must be provided, including contact person & details. Myanmar National Airlines shall examine the reason for the dispute and approve where it is proved that the charge was wrong and/or evidence to the contrary was provided.

Reasons for ADM Issue

If fare/ticketing rules have been ignored or violated,Myanmar National Airlines will raise an ADM for the next applicable published fare for the respective cabin.

Claiming more commission than what is applicable.Under collection of taxes, airline fees and surcharges.Over claiming refunds of fares, taxes and fees. Missing cancellation fees. Double Refunds. Refunds on non-refundable tickets.

Exchanging tickets without charging the change fee. The airline reserves the right to raise an ADM for the highest published fare of the cabin class in the case a non-exchange ticket is exchanged/reissued.

Any tickets which has not been billed through the BSP will be charged by ADM for the full applicable fare amount of the respective cabin class and/or taxes.

Unauthorized credit card charge backs.

Creation of PNRs is only allowed in relation to a direct passenger’s request or intention to purchase a ticket. Agents must not create fictitious bookings which include the use of a valid surname followed by initials (e.g. John A/B/C, Debby/AAA, Test/T) or celebrity names (e.g. Mouse/Mickey, Bond/James) for test purposes. All violations will be charged with the minimum amount of USD 20.00 per passenger segment.

Creating bookings for testing or training purposes using our live inventory is not permitted. All pricing related tests must be done without End of Transaction or using the training mode in your GDS. All violations will be charged with the minimum amount of USD 20.00 per passenger segment.

Free Baggage allowance discrepancies.

Contact Details

Revenue Accounting Manager
104 Kanna Road, Kyauktada Township,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Telephone: 951 377840 Ext. 164
Fax: 951 371120