The city is situated on the southernmost part of Myanmar and also known as Victoria Point. It shares a border crossing with Ranong Thailand. You can visit to Ranong just by paying 50-100 bahts and it only takes a few minutes to cross the border. Kawthaung is a very charming place that is surrounded by Andaman Sea. Islands such as Zedetkyi Island, Horse Shoe Island, Dunkin Island, Nyaung Oo Phee Island and a heart shaped Cock Comb Island become top travel destinations within a few years' time. For those who want to try their luck, hop on a free ferry ride to Andaman Club Casino which is located on the island just off Kawthaung. Besides walking around small beaches on islands, you can visit Thirimyaing Lan Fishing village, Third Mile Pagoda, Parker Beach, Maliwun waterfall and Kawthaung Market that are popular places of Kawthaung City.

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