Hong Kong

Asia’s world city!

With its unique blend of eastern and western culture, Hong Kong is a special and distinctive destination. The major attraction in Hong Kong is the Victoria Harbor. It offers the greatest views on all sides and you can see the coastlines and islands. The Victoria Harbor is always busy with cruise ships entering and leaving port. Near Victoria Harbor is the Hong Kong’s most famous landmark, Victoria Peak. The top of the peak is connected by the tram that offers spectacular scenic view along the ride.

Hong Kong is full of landmarks and attractions that wow its visitors.

Wong Tai Sin Temple is a well-known shrine and it is a major tourist attraction. The temple is less than a century old and the structure was built in traditional architectural style. The worshippers pray for good fortune at the Wong Tai Sin temple. Another distinctive landmark of Hong Kong is the Tsing Ma Bridge that has a length of 1377 meters and it is known to be one of the longest combined road and rail bridges in the world. If you are traveling with kids, they will love Hong Kong Disneyland where they can see the Disney characters walking around the park. You can also enjoy the rides and experience the magical moments. For food lovers, Hong Kong is famous for its delicious Dim Sum and you can have Hong Kong’s best food experience at the Dai Pai Dongs (Street food stalls).

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