Chengdu, the capital of China's southwest Sichuan province, is the home of the giant pandas. The diversity of the city is mesmerizing to the tourists, by virtue of the traditional buildings standing in the middle of modern skyscrapers. Traveling to Chengdu can be a fun experience for the travelers. The hot and spicy Sichuan hotpot is a must try when visiting Chengdu. For those who love shopping, Chunxi Road is a place to be! You can get anything from Chengdu's local food stores to international luxury brands in just one place. Jinli Ancient Street is the place that takes you back to Qing dynasty. The whole place is modeled on the architectural style of an ancient town. You will see traditional teahouses, local food stalls, handicraft and antique stores alongside the street. It's the busiest place both day and night. If you're looking for a place to take photos for your Instagram, Jinli Street is the perfect place for it and at night, the street is lit up with traditional red lanterns. So go shopping at Chunxi Road, stroll down Jinli Street, and end the night with the famous Sichuan Opera!

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